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HQ: The Moon



Chief Barking Officer

Even on the moon, security is top priority. Thelma also takes care of fertilizing needs, ensuring healthy crops for generations to come.


Andreas Vikhammer

Key Account Manager

Filled with hustle and grit, Andreas can sell you anything you need. He probably bought it for cheap from the guy two craters over. That's why we love him.


Anna Bølgen

Office Manager

If you miss the daily standup, Anna will be hovering outside your dome. She keeps us all in check up here. We don't always love it, but we definitely need it.


Ronny Olsen

VP Engineering

*Currently floating around* - honestly, we haven't seen him for weeks, but our tech keeps improving.


Erik Kulterud

Chief Operating Officer

Racing around in his moon buggy, Erik is constantly on the hunt for the next massive opportunity. He's crashed his buggy a few times, but there's nobody better to fix it than himself.


Elmira Mehr

Key Account Manager

The glue of the gang. Elmira and her interactive moongoggles keep track of how everybody's doing. That's how we stay connected.


Jonas Lisgård

Chief Executive Officer

You probably rent your crater from Mr. Lisgård. He runs this joint. If you've had an awesome vision, we can guarantee that Jonas would laugh it off and show you something bigger and better.


Frank Martinsen

Chief Financial Officer

The moon runs a new number system now, and cash is obsolete. You better be nice to Frank if you want your weekly share of mooncoins.


Kevin Collettmüller

Head of Sales

Time can be confusing on the moon, but Kevin with the chronograph on his wrist will always make sure you know when it's crunch time.


Joakim Rognlien

Head of Marketing

Aliens need information too. As the marketer of the crew, Joakim has been put to work with everything from signage to naming the neighborhoods up here.


Thomas Gunnarsson

Strategic Advisor

In charge of lifting spirits. At first, we were pretty confused up here. Thomas brought us all down to earth (ish).


Bernt G. Jessen

Industry Advisor

Designer of mooncars. Bernt has some serious experience that helps us build the vehicles needed to actually move about on the moon surface. First order: get the thing to stay planted on the ground.


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